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Elderberry love!

I love medicine making days! I just finished a beautiful batch of Elderberry Syrup which is now freshly stocked at Kenyon's, The Village Grocery, and The Mad River Taste Place.

The last few days I have felt the need for a little boost. This elderberry syrup is just what I needed.

I also am humbled to share these words from Rosemary. Today I bottled some special ones for Rosemary and her mother, Jasmine, whom I will be seeing this evening.

I hope you enjoy the elderberry as much as I do.

….I’m a huge fan of everything herbal that Helen Ward makes. She just puts such care, attention and love into her herbal products. But I must say, her Elderberry Syrup tops them all. It is sweet, but not overly sweet which I find many syrups to be. And each small batch is really hand made, in really small lots; made with lots of love and attention.

You can taste the freshness and quality ~and almost taste the touch of love that’s generously stirred into each batch. Helen has been growing elderberry shrubs for years on her Vermont farm, Three Springs Herb Farm, so most of the berries she uses come from trees she’s cultivated and tended and those of her neighbors who have also been growing elderberry for her.

Delicious, fresh, home made, and so very effective for immune support, Three Springs Elderberry Syrup is great to ward off colds, flus and other viral and bacterial infections. I use it almost everyday as a general immune tonic especially when the weather starts to drop here in Vermont.

My 93 year old Mother loves it! She uses it to chase down the flavors of the other less tasty herbal medicine and wouldn’t take her herbal supplements without it. And my grandkids love it too. I hide the bottle when they come to visit, else there’d never be any left!

Thanks Helen, Three Springs Herb Farm, Great Spirit, and the amazing Elderberry for providing this luscious medicine!

Rosemary Gladstar, herbalists & author

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