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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

From Plants


All grown naturally, Three Springs Farm in Waitsfield, Vermont cultivates more than 4 acres of fruits, vegetables, and medicinals including: elderberry, hawthorn, nettles, and milky oats. Every day during the growing season is spent tending to the plants because as we like to say, give to mother nature and it will give back.

To Medicine


Fresh after harvest, the whole plant, not a synthesized extract, is used for its medicinal qualities in a combination of tinctures, lotions, oils, soaps, and more. Each remedy has the qualities of the plants that create it, giving an aromatic lotion the power to soothe headaches or a sweet tincture the ability to alleviate indigestion. 

To You


We bring our medicinal products to you, spreading our product across the Mad River Valley at locations convenient for you. You can pick up your own from our farm or visit one of our suppliers at Kenyon's Variety, the Village Grocery, or the Mad River Taste Place, all in Waitsfield, Vermont. Feel better, naturally. 

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